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At a Siemens Realize LIVE conference, a man working with a virtual reality (VR) headset and controller, works in a simulated manufacturing facility.

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Simcenter at Realize LIVE Americas

Where engineering meets tomorrow.

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Simcenter panel discussion

Four people sit in white chairs in front of a large screen at a Realize LIVE technology conference.

Featured Experience

Realize LIVE America offered an opportunity to engage with a thought-provoking panel discussion spotlighting the aerospace and defense industry.

MADE: The transformative impact of MADE across high-risk industries

The panel delved into the Maintenance Aware Design Ecosystem (MADE) ecosystem's impact on high-risk industries, with speakers discussing applications and future implications for maintenance and reliability optimization.

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Simcenter agenda

Browse the highlighted Simcenter sessions at Realize LIVE Americas 2024.

Download the highlights agenda for Realize LIVE Americas 2024.

Engineer innovation with Simcenter

Simcenter showcased an impressive range of solutions and customer success stories for attendees to view live and on-demand at Realize LIVE.

Relive the excitement and insights from Realize LIVE 2023 with our highlights video below.

Customers share their Realize LIVE experience

Simcenter @ Realize LIVE 2023

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Customers share their Realize LIVE experience

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RL Keith Moss presenting in Realize Live event

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