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Simcenter - Simulation and Test Sessions

Customer presentations considering the Digital Twin, workflow improvements and automation, design exploration, and the digital thread.

Expo booth to network with our experts.

Exclusive Simcenter social event, the chance to network with your Simulation and Test peers.

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The Simcenter community provides a place for users and those interested in learning more about Simcenter to share ideas, ask questions, and find answers. Start those conversations today, continue your learning or brush up on your knowledge in the Simcenter community.

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Our team of Simcenter engineering experts present on a range of topics, including xDT, the Digital Twin, workflow optimization and getting more from the portfolio to deliver better products and services.

Customer Insights

We have an impressive list of customers presenting their solutions for tomorrow's engineering challenges: including Warsila, Navantia, Denso, Voxdale, Northrup Grumman, BMW, OMB Saleri, Ricardo... check out the full agenda

Networking with the Simcenter Team

We invite you to an exclusive evening of networking with simulation and test engineers. Join Jean-Claude Ercolanelli and his team, for food and drink on the Berlin waterside. Connect with your Siemens contact for an invite.