Realize LIVE Europe Experiences

Offering a variety of experiences, Realize LIVE Europe enables you to optimize your next-level innovation.

Attendees visiting the Solutions Center at Realize Live Europe.

Explore Experiences at Realize LIVE Europe

It’s your chance to:

  • Access Siemens technical experts
  • Get your most pressing questions answered
  • Gain cross-industry and industry-specific insights
  • Collaborate with your peers
  • Find the right partners and vendors to optimize your solutions

Ask the Experts

The Ask the Experts area in the Solutions Center is a specialized zone designed to provide attendees with direct access to Siemens software specialists. It's a hub of technical knowledge where you can seek personalized advice, get answers to your most pressing technical questions and engage in discussions about what’s to come with the software you use.

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Industry Lounge

The Industry Lounge at Realize LIVE is a dedicated space in the Solutions Center for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the latest trends and innovations impacting their industry. It's an opportunity to collaborate with your peers and Siemens leaders to gain valuable insights, share experiences, and explore new ideas that can drive your business forward.

Attendees visiting the Industry Lounge at Realize Live Europe.

Developer Portal

Join us for the unveiling of the Siemens Xcelerator Developer Portal, a comprehensive suite designed to transform the developer experience. This state-of-the-art platform, accessible at, features a full API catalog, a wealth of resources including tutorials, blog posts, detailed documentation, and now, an innovative Generative AI assistant.

Man standing at a desk showcasing the developer portal.

Connection Lounge

Experience a dedicated networking area tailored for technical users and industry innovators to meet, discuss pressing challenges, share insights, and forge professional connections.

Attendees visiting the Connection Lounge at Realize Live Europe.

Evening receptions

Enjoy our welcome and closing receptions, offering a casual environment for attendees to unwind and connect with peers.

Attendees attending the Evening Reception at Realize Live Europe.
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