Realize LIVE

Innovation Hub & Community Corner

At Innovation Hub, we invite Realize LIVE attendeesĀ to contribute their perspectives. By sharing your thoughts on products, services and digital experiences, you'll help us better understand the needs of our customers. Plus, meet at Community Corner to connect with Siemens Community members.

Why participate in Innovation Hub?

Your opinions and feedback are vital to helping us create the best customer experiences possible.

Innovation Hub 2022

Topics we looked at last year included:

  • How digital is your factory?
  • How do you use software trials?
  • How do skill gaps in new graduates impact your business?
  • Creating a positive contract experience during purchases
  • How can we improve the new member experience on the Siemens Community?
  • Helpful and engaging content that you can't help but love
  • Optimize how you can contact Siemens
  • PLM for medical devices: Preconfigured, simplified
  • Designing, simulating and manufacturing using a single app on any device
Participants engaging with each other using a whiteboard to share ideas at Realize LIVE 2022.
Get connected

Visit the Community Corner

  • Take a community profile photo, gather with colleagues, or listen to a Q&A session.
  • Join the virtual community and stay connected all year long.
  • Hear quick talks on popular topics from the Siemens online community.
  • Hear from Community Catalysts and learn more about the program.
people gathered at Realize LIVE as part of the user community.