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Join us at the Siemens Software flagship event for the exchange of ideas, information and best practices that will enable you to work smarter, operate more efficiently and produce transformative outcomes.

Realize LIVE around the world


Realize LIVE Americas
Las Vegas, Nevada | June 12-15, 2023

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Realize LIVE Europe
Munich, Germany | July 10-12, 2023

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Realize LIVE Japan
Virtual event | July 19, 2023

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Explore what transformation can look like with Siemens software. Get your pass to Realize LIVE today to expand your possibilities.

Realize LIVE is a single place for partners, Siemens experts and customers to all come together and really talk about a similar interest in digital transformation and where we are trying to take our companies.
Lateef Khan, Mercury Marine

U2U 2023 on-demand coming soon

User2User, the Siemens EDA-focused event series, brings together the electronic design community to share their real-world experiences using Siemens EDA Tools

Realize LIVE welcomes Siemens Community Catalysts

Siemens Community Catalysts are design, engineering and manufacturing experts who are knowledgeable about Siemens Digital Industries Software products. As active community members, Catalysts dedicate their own time to share their experience all year round. At Realize LIVE, we extend a special welcome to our Siemens Community Catalysts!

Community Catalyst program

Sustainable Industries Grow Forward

Through digitalization and automation, businesses can tackle sustainability in ways they couldn’t before. By combining the real and the digital world, companies can think bigger, pivot faster and boldly drive innovation to decarbonize, use fewer resources, and become more energy efficient and circular.

overhead view of a worker on a farm using technology that helps improve sustainability.