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Siemens @ Paris Air Show 2023

Visit us at Chalet #116

June 19-25, 2023

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Elevate transformation. Expand opportunities.

Your trusted partner in digital transformation for global aerospace and defense manufacturers and suppliers.

Journey with us and explore out-of-this-world opportunities

We'll travel up and away as we demonstrate how Siemens partners with companies around the world to improve air travel, space exploration and defense, reduce business complexity, and make the world a safer, more sustainable place.

And we'll show you how Siemens can help you accelerate innovation and ultimately help you elevate transformation and expand opportunities in the new digitized world.

Highlights at Siemens Chalet #116

Students please join us for a tour with Siemens’ trusted aerospace and defense experts at our Chalet (#116) at Paris Air Show

Experience our one-of-a-kind VIP immersive Innovation Center.  You’ll be transported into an out-of-the world experience where you will explore how the Space Perspective and Sierra Space used Siemens software to simulate and optimize the space environment and design their state-of-the-art space crafts.

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