Drive transformation at the IESF Automotive Conference 2022

IESF Automotive Design & Engineering Conference

This year at IESF, the community of automotive innovators heard from experts in the industry, collaborated on best practices, and gained insights to solutions at the forefront of tackling customer challenges.

Quality time with experts

The IESF community heard from the world’s leading voices in electrical, electronic, and embedded software design.

Peer-to-peer networking

IESF brought together big ideas, practical know-how, and innovative solutions to the thorniest EE design problems.

What IESF is all about

For more than 20 years, IESF has been at the forefront of new EE design innovation, providing a comprehensive program that covers industry trends and challenges, best practices, and product solutions.  

I have been coming to IESF Automotive for many years, and it never disappoints. I am of course always interested in automotive electronics and electrical trends, and each year IESF always delivers an abundant selection of high-quality sessions with a lot of very interesting people to learn from.
Engage with the experts

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Listening and meeting the industry’s leading voices in electrical, electronic, and embedded software design will be inspiring and educational, and engaging them can be transformative. Get answers to your thorniest problems, pressure-test your own ideas, and furthermore, spark a relationship that meaningfully expands your network.

Multi-discipline engineers collaborating using a single software solution to design an electronics system