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Student Sustainability Design Hack

The Student Sustainability Design Hack at Realize LIVE 2024 addresses sustainability challenges with creative, impactful solutions.

Explore the student sustainability design hack

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This is a great opportunity for college students to collaborate, learn more about Siemens NX software and sustainability and positively influence the community.

The design hack challenge provides real-life experience in a dynamic atmosphere, with access to technical coaches, mentors and industry professionals. There is no better place to start your career than networking at Realize LIVE.

Revisit the 2023 design hack

Realize LIVE 2023 hosted the first ever Student Sustainability Design Hack Challenge.

Four teams participated in the hack representing Michigan State University, Seneca Polytechnic College and University of California Irvine. Read the blog to revisit the highlights including insights from the winning team, Super Spartans from Michigan State University.

 2023 Design Hack Winners
My experience in the design hack was a ton of fun! Our team worked through hundreds of ideas and were emulating what you would actually do in the real world versus when you're in school. While working, attendees were interested in hearing our take on the problem and even provided their own practical experience.
Ava Boley, 2023 design hack winner, Michigan State University
Innovation in the Classroom

Hear from 2023 design hack participants

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Hear firsthand from two of the 2023 design hack participants on the Innovation in the Classroom podcast as they discuss how the design hack tested their problem-solving skills and offered a unique opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and peers.