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TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum 2022 (Virtual)

Available online to event registrants beginning November 10, for 6 months.

View informative presentations from our industry experts. Visit our partner booth to learn how Siemens EDA can help you engineer a smarter future faster.

Siemens EDA is a platinum sponsor!

TSMC continually develops pioneering silicon processes that enable many of the world’s most advanced ICs. Siemens is proud to collaborate with TSMC to continue to provide the difference-making technologies that enable our mutual customers to deliver their IC innovations to market more quickly, with confidence in their quality and performance.

Siemens EDA Papers & Presentations

SerDes clocking catered to robust noise handling in advanced process technologies for HPC, Datacenter, 5G and AI applications

HPC & 3DIC Topics

Presented by Danfeng Xu, et al. (eTopus Technologies) & Pradeep Thiagarajan (Siemens EDA)

Advanced assembly verification for TSMC 3DFabric™ packages

HPC & 3DIC Topics

Presented by Sudersan Sampath (Broadcom) & Mike Walsh (Siemens EDA)

Low-power, high-density design implementation for AI chip

Mobile & Automotive Topics

Presented by Elyasaf Munk (Hailo Technologies) & Venkat Rao (Siemens EDA)

TSMC, Microsoft Azure, and Siemens EDA collaboration - enabling your jump to N3E using the cloud and Calibre nmDRC

HPC & 3DIC Topics

Presented by Andy Chan (Microsoft) & Michael White (Siemens EDA)

TSMC 3Dblox™ simplifies Calibre verification and analysis

HPC & 3DIC Topics

Presented by John Ferguson (Siemens EDA)