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Siemens Infinity over a modern city spanning a river

Siemens at CES 2024

Technology to transform the everyday.

Through immersive and interactive experiences, Siemens showcased how we enable anyone to transform the everyday, creating sustainable innovation for a world we want to live in today and tomorrow.

That's a wrap! Siemens at CES 2024

From the Industrial Metaverse and new partnerships to innovative solutions for how we live, work, play, move and make, catch a glimpse of the Siemens experience at CES 2024.

Siemens Keynote

President and CEO of Siemens AG, Dr. Roland Busch shared the Siemens vision for the future of industrial technology, and even how that extends to pioneering the forthcoming industrial metaverse. Learn about the digital technologies that enable companies to transform the everyday, for everyone.

Roland Busch presenting at CES 2024 for the keynote in front of an image of the earth from space.

Our customers are transforming the everyday

We're combining the real and digital worlds to enable brands of all sizes to improve the world we want to live in; the way we live, work, move, make, and play.

Transforming how the world lives

Inhab is more than a smart home solution; it’s equally dedicated to enhancing individual’s knowledge about the way they live, just as much as it aims to enhance the home itself.

Learn more about Inhab

A closer look at the Inhab engagement at the Siemens booth at CES 2024

The impact of the Industrial Metaverse

The Metaverse will bring profound changes to these sectors in the coming years, creating real impact. Ultimately, technology does not exist for its own sake but to make people’s everyday lives better. And this is what the idea of the Industrial Metaverse is all about.

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Graphic representation of the industrial metaverse

See what people are saying about Siemens at CES 2024

Learn more about the exciting news from CES including cross-industry AI adoption, Siemens partnerships, digital twin, and an interview with Siemens CEO and CES Keynote speaker, Roland Busch.

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A closer view of the Siemens booth at CES 2024 from the angle featuring the Blendhub customer experience.