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Join Siemens at Samsung SAFE and Foundry Forum 2022

Available online on-demand October 21 - December 31, 2022

Watch our informative presentations to learn how Siemens EDA can help you engineer a smarter future faster...

Siemens EDA

Tech Session 1

Charting the path to More Moore (GAA and More Moore)

Introduction of DTCO collaboration and DM technology from Samsung and its partners!

Participants: Siemens/Qualcomm, Ansys, Cadence, Synopsys

illustrations of finFET and GAAFET devices next to each other
Siemens EDA

Tech Session 2

The New Era: We’re Building a Cube, not a Chip (Multi-Die Integration)

Introduction of design flow and methodology for overcoming 3DIC design challenges in multi-die system design.

Participants: Siemens, Ankor Technology, Cadence, Synopsys

illustration of a cube IC

Siemens EDA presentations

Accelerate DRC closure for custom designs by 2-5X – Qualcomm’s experience with Calibre RealTime Custom

Tom Williams, Mask Layout Designer and Technical Lead, Qualcomm
Srinivas Velivala, Principal Product Manager, Calibre Design Solutions, Siemens EDA

Challenges and solutions in parasitic extraction of heterogeneous integrated systems

Dusan Petranovic, Principal Technologist, Calibre Design Solutions, Siemens EDA

Addressing IR-drop issues with analysis-driven, DRC-aware via layout modifications

Jeff Wilson, Product Management Director, Calibre Design Solutions, Siemens EDA

Full-chip Calibre PERC checks: Development, optimization and automation

Matthew Hogan, Product Management Director, Calibre Design Solutions, Siemens EDA

Improving test quality and reliability via in-system/in-field testing

Lee Harrison, Automotive IC Test Solutions Manager, Tessent, Siemens EDA

Using machine learning methods for brute-force accurate high-sigma standard cell verification

Wei-Lii Tan, Principal Product Manager, Analog Mixed Signal, Siemens EDA

Design implementation with Aprisa for Samsung’s advanced technologies

Swathi Rangarajan, Aprisa Product Manager, Siemens EDA
Srigiripura Sripada, Aprisa Product Engineer, Siemens EDA