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September 27-29 | Anaheim, California

Join Tessent at the International Test Conference 2022

ITC is the world's premier conference dedicated to electronics test. This year's ITC continues its mission to play a unique role as an information-sharing forum, where the wide range of its offerings allows ITC delegates to learn, network and conduct business.

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Siemens EDA | Tessent Silicon Lifecycle Solutions

DFT market-leading solutions

Tessent, the industry leader in DFT, delivers innovative solutions that mitigate risks throughout the IC lifecycle & make testing smarter & more efficient. Products include Tessent SSN (Streaming Scan Network) & Tessent Multi-die.

Diamond Supporter presentation

Join us in the Grand Ballroom at ITC at 10.45 am on Tuesday, October 10, for exciting and exclusive DFT technology news. More details provided below.

Theater presentations live in booth #205

Join Tessent in our theater on the exhibit floor during open exhibitor hours, where customers, partners, and Siemens experts will present on key DFT topics.


Tessent design for test at ITC


Tuesday, October 10 at 10:45 am following the plenary session, in the Disney Grand Ballroom Center. Darshan Kobla, Senior Director at Microsoft, will describe some of the challenges with the modern silicon designs in his presentation titled Smart DFT for Complex Semiconductor Designs.

Be sure to attend our Diamond Supporter presentations for some exclusive news and announcements including:

  • Shift-Left product announcement
    Nilanjan Mukherjee, Senior Director of Engineering for Tessent, Siemens
  • Smart DFT for Complex Semiconductor Design
    Darshan Kobla, Senior Director with Microsoft
  • How to Engineer a Smarter Future Faster
    Ankur Gupta, VP/GM of Silicon Lifecycle Solutions, Siemens


Open daily to all attendees during exhibit hours.

Join Tessent in booth #205, where customers, partners and Siemens will present live on our latest DFT solutions and key DFT topics, including:

  • Tessent Streaming Scan Network (SSN) - a once in a decade technology
  • SSN for In-system test
  • SSN on-the-fly optimization
  • Diagnosis with SSN
  • 3D IC solution - Tessent Multi-die
  • Tile-based design automation
  • ATPG Boost
  • Yield learning to boost manufacturing yields
  • Measuring analog test coverage

Tessent technical presentations | Schedule

Tuesday, October 10

1:30 pm | A New Framework for RTL Test Points Insertion Facilitating a "Shift-Left DFT" Strategy

Oussama Laouamri, Siemens | Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1

4:40 pm | Global Control Signal Defect Diagnosis in Volume Production Environment

Piotr Zimnowlodzki, Siemens | Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1

Wednesday, October 11

POSTERS | 12:00 - 2:00pm | Expo Floor

Thursday, October 12

11:00 am  | Predicting the Resolution of Scan Diagnosis

Jakub Janicki, Siemens EDA | Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2

1:30 pm | Measuring Non-Redundant VIA Test-Coverage for Automotive Designs in Lower Process Nodes

Saidapet Ramesh, NXP with Siemens EDA | Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1

1:30 pm | Will Silent Data Errors Give a New Lease on Life to Semiconductor Test?

PANEL SESSION | Moderator: Anne Meixner, Semiconductor Engineering | Magic Kingdom Ballroom 3

Thursday, October 12

Technical presentations

10:30 - 12:00 pm | Session B6 | Scan-Based Learning and Diagnosis

  • B6.2 Industry Evaluation of Reversible Scan Chain Diagnosis
    S. Urban, J. Janicki, M. Sharma, W-T. Cheng, Siemens EDA
    M. Parley, K. Chung, S. Nicholson, S. Mittal, Qualcomm

1:30 - 3:00 pm | Session A7 | Test Generation

  • A7.2 DIST: Deterministic In-System Test with X-masking
    J. Tyszer, B. Wlodarczak, Poznan University of Technology
    G. Mrugalski, J. Rajski, Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • A7.3 Test Generation for an Iterative Design Flow with RTL Changes
    J. Joe, I. Pomeranz, Purdue University
    N. Mukherjee, J. Rajski, Siemens Digital Industries Software

1:30 - 3:00 pm | Session C7 | Special Session

  • Design-for-Verification (DfV): A New Direction in Design Qualification
    A. Majumdar (Moderator) Presenters: D. Akselrod, A. Banover, P. Yousefpour, AMD