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Siemens EDA

DVCon India 2022

September 5–6, 2022
Radisson Blu, Marathalli, Bangalore

Attend our informative technical keynote, paper, and poster sessions and visit our exhibit booth to learn how Siemens can help you engineer a smarter future faster...

Dave Rich, Verification Architect

Platinum Keynote

Emerging design/verification technologies and standards —
Which comes first?

Our industry is in a constant struggle between innovation and stability. Standardization efforts need to strike a balance between them. We will look at the timelines for some current standards to see which came first. Then look at a few emerging technologies to see what comes next.

Monday, September 5, 10:00–10:30

photo of a man's face - Dave Rich


What will it take to fully implement a digital transformation platform
for IP and services?

Tuesday, September 6, 10:15–11:15

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Papers & Posters

Paper: What-if analysis of safety mechanism’s impacts on ETHMAC design under functional safety flow

Udaykrishna J, Kapil Kumar, Gaurav Goel, Sachin Pathak & Sujatha Hiremath; RV College of Engineering

Tuesday, September 6, 12:00–12:30, 2A2 - [97]

Paper: Bringing reset domains and power domains together – Non-resettable registers amplifying issues in power-aware RDC verification due to UPF instrumentation

Manish Bhati, Siemens; Inayat Ali, NXP

Tuesday, September 6, 14:30–15:00, 4B1 - [6]

Paper: Solving problems with hierarchal CDC analysis of digital SoC RTL with encrypted blocks

Abdul Moyeen, Siemens; Arpita Agarwal, NXP; Aman Shaikh, Siemens; Abhay Deshpande, NXP

Tuesday, September 6, 15:30–16:00, 4B3 - [87]

Poster: Automating Information Retrieval from EDA Software Reports Using Effective Parsing Algorithms

Manish Bhati, Siemens