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Siemens EDA

DVCon India 2023

September 13–14, 2023
Radisson Blu, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Attend our informative technical keynote, panel, paper and poster sessions, and visit our exhibit booth to learn how Siemens can help you engineer a smarter future faster.

Abhi Kolpekwar, VP & GM DVT

Platinum Keynote

Smart Verification: Faster is not enough!

This keynote will explores the vital role of smarter solutions in the design and verification process. We will boldly discuss the limitations of solely relying on speed, and shine a spotlight on the pressing demand for tackling intricate design and verification challenges with intelligent solutions.

Wednesday, September 13, 10:00–10:30

Abhi Kolpekwar - Siemens EDA


Revolutionizing System-Level Verification and Validation: Implications for India's Innovation Drive

Thursday, Sept. 14, 10:15–11:15

The government’s plan to transform to a nation of research, locally designed products, and innovation is taking shape. In this panel we will look at opportunities for semiconductor and system-level verification and validation; and how IP and services companies can expand in new ways.

DVCon India 2022 - industry panel

Papers & Posters

Paper: Techniques to Identify Reset Metastability Issues Due to Soft Resets

Reetika NLN, Siemens; Sulabh Kumar Khare, Siemens

Thursday, September 14, 17:15–17:45, 4C3 – [2722]

Poster: Efficient Methodology to Uncover Common Root Causes for RDC Violations Using Intelligent Data Analytics

Inayat Ali, NXP; Rajagopal Anantharaman, Siemens; Manish Bhati, Siemens