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Thank you to the thousands of people from around the globe who joined Realize LIVE and inspired our community with stories of how we can succeed during challenging times when we come together around topics we are all passionate about. We invite you to continue the discussions in the Siemens community as well as in upcoming events to advance human-centered innovation and drive digital transformation in your organization.

"Realize LIVE is a single place for partners, Siemens experts and customers to all come together and really talk about a similar interest in digital transformation and where we are trying to take our companies."

Lateef Khan, Mercury Marine

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Realize LIVE brings together thousands of participants from across the globe who are looking for new ideas, new collaborators, and career-enhancing connections. But why wait until the next Realize LIVE event, you can start those conversations today, continue your learning or brush up on your knowledge in the Siemens community.

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The New Imperative of Digital Transformation

Businesses with a strong digital strategy in place — combined with a commitment to fast-tracking its implementation — are better positioned to succeed in this new normal. Those that lack such a readiness for digital transformation risk getting left behind.