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Electronic Systems Design

Discover how Siemens electronic systems design solutions deliver digitally integrated product ideation platforms for market-winning products.


Beyond the Printed Circuit Board

The electronics industry is fast approaching a new era of digital transformation. Digital technologies bring together all the aspects of product design, including mechanical and electronics, and streamline the entire design process — from product inception through to manufacturing.

Man working on computer building an electronic device | Xpedition Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution

Connect with the Electronic System Design Community

Mentor communities are now fully integrated with the Siemens Digital Industries Software communities. This integrated PCB Systems Design community experience makes it easier to share with and learn from an expanded group of product users.


Silicon to Systems: from Vision to Reality

Semiconductor innovation is fueling digitalization as SoCs become ever more complex hardware and software systems. To thrive requires a visionary approach, in a semiconductor industry primed to surpass a trillion dollars in revenue by 2030. Joe Sawicki, EVP IC, Siemens EDA, shares how three tenets of technology, design, and system scaling, on a foundation of AI, help you engineer a smarter future faster.


Siemens Xcelerator – Embrace the Digital Future

Our comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services for electronic and mechanical design, system simulation, manufacturing, operations and lifecycle analytics.

Siemens Xcelerator software for industry: design, optimize realize.