Business Transformation @ Realize LIVE 2022

Connected. Flexible. Innovative. These are just a few attributes that describe businesses with an enterprise-wide digitalization strategy. Register today to hear how leading companies of all sizes are transforming to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

The business transformation experience

Hear from experts at Realize LIVE + U2U about the transformational technologies and ideas shaping the future of business! In this experience you can expect a variety of topics covering smart manufacturing, accelerated product development, leveraging enterprise-wide PLM and more.

Business transformation powered by digital threads

Across industries, product or specialization one thing remains true. Only a fully digitalized business model with a consistent digital thread has the power and flexibility to speed up processes and optimize production operations.

Integrated Lifecycle Management

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Integrated Lifecycle Management

(1 min, 29 secs)


Smart Manufacturing

(1 min, 46 secs)


Model Based Systems Engineering

(2 mins, 17 secs)


Digitalize Product Design

(5 mins, 52 secs)


Siemens Xcelerator - Embrace Digital Transformation

Learn more about our comprehensive and integrated portfolio of engineering software, services, and an application development platform and how it enhances electronic and mechanical design, system simulation, manufacturing, operations, and lifecycle analytics.

Xcelerator portfolio features listed in a circle: Collaboration, Applications, IoT Analytics, Operations, Manufacturing, Simulation, Electronics, Mechanical

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