Formal verification conference

osmosis 2022

Thursday December 8, 2022 | Holiday Inn City Center | Munich, Germany

Call for papers

osmosis is about sharing success in using formal techniques to solve verification challenges, and networking with our R&D experts and other attendees. If you have a story to tell, you're invited to share it at osmosis. You'll benefit from increased industry visibility as a subject matter expert, and the conversations that follow may help you, or others, improve solutions even more.

Abstract guidelines

Please provide an overview of the story of your success, including the following:

  • The problem you were solving
  • Why you chose to use solutions based on formal technology to solve this problem
  • Results – if you have them yet, as quantifiable as you can make them
  • Key learnings

Keep it short and to the point - ideally, no more than one page, front-and-back (added diagrams and pseudo-code examples are welcome). As for the subject matter itself, we'd like to hear how you're achieving success in the following areas:

  • Trust and security
  • RISC-V verification
  • Equivalence checking
  • Advanced applications of property checking
  • Mutation coverage and overall formal coverage flows

We are happy to consider any topic you have found formal to be key to your success. If you want to share your story but don't know where to begin, we'll be happy to help you fine-tune what you want to say. Just contact for assistance.

Schedules and processes

You have until October 31, 2022, at 6:00 PM Central European Time to submit your abstract.
However, we strongly encourage you to submit before that since we will process submissions in the order they are received. When we see a strong abstract, we will select it for osmosis and start working with the authors to generate additional content for the event. If we fill the slate early, we'll close submissions for 2022.

To submit your abstract, email a PDF to with the "osmosis 2022 abstract" in the email subject header.

Accept / Reject notices will go out no later than Monday, November 7.

We look forward to your abstracts and to seeing you in Munich.